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Training & Learning

3D BioOptima on training and the training, the irregular organization internal and external training, and strive to make employees more quickly enhance their ability in all aspects, to become the boss".

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Salary Structure

Basic salary + year-end award + honorary award + project award + overtime subsidy + housing accumulation fund + social insurance.

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Talent Project

3D BioOptima is applying for the qualification for key talent project, each year, according to the policy of the government to apply for all kinds of talent talent project grants, eligible employees can get 5-12 million salary subsidies. At the same time, we pay more attention to the training, introduction and team building of talents. We set up an internal talent recommendation award with a bonus of up to 3000+ yuan / person, and a team building Award for the company's contribution. The bonus is 10000+ yuan / person.

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Employee Care

Buy 24 hours of domestic commercial insurance and occupation examination for employees, so that employees in the world of the streams of people busily coming and going more than a guarantee; and also for the staff to prepare a variety of well-known seasonal fruits, lunch allowance, overtime meal, staff quarters, tea breaks, children's Day gifts, hotels and restaurants, the agreement paid sick leave and difficulties the company has received assistance, application qualification, support staff accounts fall collective households, families can move, a full range of care for employees to solve the menace from the rear.

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At least once a year in the spring or autumn and a department of various gatherings and travel activities, must walk out of a trip to Suzhou will make the holy people realize their wayward little su.

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Cash Reward

Holiday gifts totaled about 90000 yuan / year, providing a rich and distinctive intimate bonuses for employees, such as wedding gifts, and gifts, holiday gifts, birthday gifts, annual shopping cards, let every day holidays and important employees can feel from Shengsu with warm heart.

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Who We are

3D BioOptima is committed to providing optimized solutions and value-added services for small and large molecular new drug projects for customers.

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