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Oncology drug discovery requires knowing pharmacological mechanisms and efficacies on human tumor cells. 3D BioOptima provides a comprehensive oncology drug discovery platform for assessment of cell-based potency and in vivo efficacy.

Cellular Assay Services

3D BioOptima’s human tumor cell line bank consists of over 80 cell lines, covering 16 types of tumors. We are offering standard 2D proliferation assays on these tumor cell lines.

In Vivo Testing Services

Subcutaneous (s.c.) xenograft tumor models are valuable tools for assessing in vivo efficacy and investigating PK-PD relationship of potential anti-cancer drugs. 3D BioOptima offers a large panel of s.c. xenograft tumor models covering the 16 types of tumors. Our experienced and professional scientific team will help our sponsors choose appropriate models for preclinical oncology studies.

3D BioOptima Tumor Cell Lines

Who We are

3D BioOptima is committed to providing optimized solutions and value-added services for small and large molecular new drug projects for customers.

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